Rural Outpatient Clinics

Rural Outpatient Clinics (Outreach)

David A. Brocato, LAC, CCS, CCDP-D
Program Director

The rural outpatient clinics were opened in 1993 when the OAD Regional Manager (Alton “Jake” Hadley) wrote a Samhsa rural health grant. It was awarded for 3 years. During this time the clinics were established in each community and were then known as Alcohol and Drug Clinics. The rural health grant also required that we offer community based TB testing, HIV testing, provide transportation to citizens in rural parishes to the larger cities for health services. The clinics were also providing assessment and treatment services for those with alcohol and drug addictions. When the Federal Samhsa grant ended, Mr. Hadley pushed the state hard to provide continued funding for these clinics, which they did. The mission did change from more rural health services to more alcohol and drug treatment. In 2002 the Office of Alcohol and Drug abuse name was changed to Office for Addictive Disorders. When the new contract year started we changed the name of our facilities to coincide with these state changes. This is why the clinics are called Addictive Disorders Clinics today.

In the year ending 2010, these clinics combined had over 630 admits and provided over 24,500 services. We strive to reduce wait times and in the past year implemented an orientation policy. When clients call or come by they are automatically setup to attend this weekly orientation. Once the orientation is completed these clients are then screened and an appointment to see them within 5 business days is set. Upon return the clients are provided an assessment, admission is done and client is placed in the proper level of care. We feel this has reduced our no shows and has allowed the clinical staff to be more productive. In 2011 we will continue to look for ways to better serve our clients through training, workshops and always considering feedback from the clients in which we serve.

July of 2010 The Office for Addictive Disorders and Office for Mental Health have been combined under the Office of Behavioral Health. The concept is very simply and that is to offer both substance abuse and mental heath services in an integrated model for a continuum of care to address all behavioral health issues. The Addictive Disorders Clinics over the next year or more will continue to operate as stand alone addictive disorders clinics. In the not so distant future that will change to a more integrated model.

Avoyelles Addictive Disorders Clinic

Grant Addictive Disorders Clinic

Jonesville Addictive Disorders Clinic

LaSalle Addictive Disorders Clinic

Vernon Addictive Disorders Clinic

Winn Addictive Disorders Clinic