CARF Accreditation Awarded

We were notified today that we have been awarded a 3 year CARF Accreditation. We have worked very hard over the last year to bring the agency in compliance with all CARF standards. This has been a team effort by all our staff, stakeholders and clients. We want to thank each and everyone that participated with us in the process.

This 3 year accreditation covers the following Cenla CDD programs;

Gateway Adolescent Treatment Center

Adolescent Intensive Outpatient

Bridge House (Men’s Halfway House / VA HCHV and SATP Housing)

Phase II (Women’s Halfway House / TANF Treatment Program)

Avoyelles Addictive Disorders Clinic

Grant Addictive Disorders Clinic

Jonesville Addictive Disorders Clinic

Vernon Addictive Disorders Clinic

Winn Addictive Disorders Clinic

It is our goal to build upon this accreditation by continuously monitoring client satisfaction and measured outcomes. Encourage ongoing staff development to insure our staff have the required clinical/professional skills to provide the highest level of care for our clients and stakeholders.

New LOGO Signs

CCDC has installed new signs in many locations. The new signs include our CCDC LOGO, which we also have on our web site, ID badges and business cards.

Here is an example of one of our locations:


End of Fiscal Year 2016 Update

The legislative session finally came to a close. Being a contract provider as part of the Louisiana Behavior Health Partnership our agency was on pins and needles for a while. It appeared that the House was determined not to use one time funds and the prospects for additional budget cuts would have likely impacted the services we provide dramatically. Cooler heads eventually prevailed and fortunately at this point it seems that services will continue.

It is with sadness that we have to announce the closing our outpatient facility in Jena (LaSalle Addictive Disorders Clinic). We have simply not gotten the community support in that area. It was once a busy clinic and in fact it was a full time clinic. In the last few years we operated it as a part-time facility. However, it became clear to us over the last 6 months that the legal system in this Parish simply was not going to support our mission as previous district court judges had in the past. Our attempts to let them know our concerns just went unheeded and at last we had to make a decision. Our last day for services in this facility will May 26, 2016.

We have not forgotten about those that maybe in need of our services in LaSalle Parish. Services to LaSalle Parish will just be provided by the Jonesville Addictive Disorders Clinic or by the Winn Addictive Disorders Clinic depending on you maybe located within the parish.
Jonesville ADC or Winn ADC

We have recently moved our Avoyelles Additive Disorders Clinic, along with the Avoyelles Gambling Recovery and 16th JDC Drug Court into a single larger facility. This facility will allow us to grow and add additional services as we move forward.

The new Avoyelles facility is located at 114 N. Main St, Marksville, La 71351. The phone remains the same for Avoyelles ADC, but is different for Avoyelles Gambling Recovery and 16th JDC Drug Court @  (please make a note)

The Vernon Additive Disorders Clinic is moving into a new facility. We are currently housed in the old historic courthouse, which Vernon Parish plans to turn into a museum. We have worked closely with the Vernon Parish Policy Jury who has provided us a newer more modern facility. Even though we’ll be paying more in rent, the Vernon Policy Jury will graciously continue to pay all utilities. We appreciate them continuing to support and work with us to provide the much needed services to Vernon Parish.

The new location for the Vernon ADC : 408 West Fertitta Blvd (Suite E), Leesville, La 71446.

If all goes well we plan to be open in the new location on July 2, 2016.

Our agency continues to work with DHH/OBH with a transition plan for the closure of Central State Hospital which will impact several of our programs. It appears that we will have about 24 months to transition off the grounds into another facility. This will be a daunting task as finding a facility that can house 60 plus halfway house beds and 16 adolescent residential beds will be a tall order. However, we are working to do just that.

This is all the news we have for now.

Changes Starting March 1, 2016

Cenla Chemical Dependency Council, Inc will as of March 1 become a provider for Magellan Health Services. CCDC is currently providing services under contract with the state of LA via DHH/OBH to provide services. Starting March 1, 2016 all services will be billed through Magellan of Louisiana.

Prior to March 1, 2016 Cenla CDC will have to follow new protocols for getting clients that are seen authorized for services. This will require that all clients apply for medicaid. Even if you are declined to be covered, this is a required process in order for other pools of money to be used to pay providers for services.

Below is some information from Louisiana Behavior Health and Magellan Health Care.

The Louisiana Behavioral Health Partnership (LBHP) is scheduled for implementation on March 1, 2016, pending the approval of Medicaid state plan amendments and waivers submitted to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS).

The LBHP will be administered by Magellan, which is the Statewide Management Organization (SMO) procured via the State’s request for proposals (RFP) process to administer the LBHP. Magellan has demonstrated experience and success in providing managed behavioral health care services within complex, publicly-funded behavioral health programs.

Magellan will manage behavioral health services for Medicaid and Non-Medicaid eligible populations including those Medicaid eligible children who will need coordination of services provided by multiple agencies including OBH, DCFS, OJJ and DOE, or funded through state general funds and block grants, including services for individuals with co-occurring mental health and addictive disorders. Providers will need to enroll with Magellan, obtain authorizations for care and submit claims to Magellan in order to obtain payment beginning on March 1, 2016.

Ultimately these plans are meant to insure that there is no gap in client services and that all providers will continue to be paid for providing services.