Bridgehouse/Phase II

Bridgehouse/Phase II
Unit 38 and Unit 36
Central La State Hospital
Pineville, La 71360

David A. Brocato, LAC, CCS, CCDP-D
Program Director

Bridge House is a 16-bed halfway house for chemically dependent men that has been in operation since 1987. Residents are afforded an opportunity to build on the gains made during a primary treatment program. Services include: Room and board; weekly in-house relapse prevention and after care groups; counseling; financial management; transportation to community-based 12-step support groups; referral for other services in the community as needed. A fee of $50.00 per week is assessed beginning the 4th week in residence. The average length of residence is 90 days. Applicants must be 18 years and older, have a primary diagnosis of chemical dependency, have completed an inpatient or intensive outpatient treatment program within the previous 12-month. They must be ambulatory and capable of self care.

Bridge House also provides 16 beds for the VA that are used by the VA HCHV or SATP program. Bridge House provides housing, meals and transportation.

Phase II for Women is a 28-bed halfway house and primary treatment facility opened  in 1990. There are 8-beds allocated for women over the age of 18 that meet the criteria cited above for Phase II. A fee of $50.00 per week is assessed beginning the 4th week in residence. The average length of residence is 90 days.

There are 20 beds allocated for pregnant women and  women with dependent children under the age of 19 who require primary substance abuse treatment and who meet the guidelines under the TANF program. There are no fees asses to TANF eligible clients. Clients in primary treatment typically remain in residence for 90-180 days but use the 2nd half of residence to seek employment and begin developing financial resources for discharge to the community.

Referrals may be made to Bridge House at:

Robin Chapman, LAC – Clinical Director
Jason Mercer, CIT – Case Worker (Under Supervision)
Dustin Roberts, House Manager

Referrals may be made to Phase II at:

Candace Barton, CAC, RSW – Clinical Director
Cayce Badeaux, CAC, RSW – Case Manager (TANF)
Lisa Willis, CIT, RSW – Case Manager (OBH)
Von Prescott – Tech Supervisor