Avoyelles Gambling RC

Avoyelles Gambling Recovery Center
114 N. Main St
Marksville, La 71351

Kathy Pflipsen, LAC, CCS, CCGC
Program Director

Services provided:  Screening Assessment, Group and Individual Counseling, Multi-family and indivdual family sessions, referrals. Assessments and groups are located in both Pineville and Marksville. Office hours are 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday thru Friday.  Groups are scheduled three times a week and individual sessions are scheduled Monday thru Friday according to the counselor’s schedule and the client’s individual needs. Referrals are accepted from anyone.  Contact number for more information is: (318) 253-5645.  Contact person:  Halette Spears.

Admission Criteria: Ages 18 yrs. old and older, Resident of La., has a diagnosis impression of pathological gambling, must have the intellectual-cognitive ability to understand and participate in the program, client must not have extensive physical problems which require continued medical or surgical care or necessitates intensive hospital care or frequent outside medical/dental appointments, all medical conditions/treatment must be stabilized so the medical diagnosis does not override the gambling issues. Referrals are accepted during normal business hours.